An Army of Lepers

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In Photos: Miss America Pagent Fans Protest Indian-American Winner

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What America thinks foreign intervention looks like


What it actually looks like:

Awkward public restroom footsie. [video]

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Obama’s reaction to events in Syria over the last two years.

In five seconds:


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The American criminal justice system when you are black


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The candidates for the US Air Force’s director of sexual violence prevention

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TLV Airport security when you are Jewish


When you are not: 


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When people ask what brought me to Palestine


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Summer reunions on Thursday nights in Ramallah


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The Official Vehicle of White Man’s Burden

The militarized gulf cart:


Image: 28 April 2013 - Israeli soldiers carrying out military exercises in the Al-Maleh area. A number of families were displaced and had their homes demolished to conduct this exercise. (photo by Arif Daraghmeh head of Al-Maleh village council)

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